Slade: Manufacturers of patented reinforced graphite foil yarns, braided packings, and gaskets.

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Pump Packings

Slade Packing can help reduce water consumption by reducing or eliminating flush water. Slade Packing is designed to run leak free. Reduce your energy cost with the low friction expanded graphite of Slade Packing.

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Valve Packings

Slade can provide you with the right Valve packing for your needs. Reduce inventory costs by use of bulk packing, or by using preformed valve sets. Looking to stand out with exceptional service to your OEM valve.

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Slade manufactures flexible and solid gaskets for high temperature, high pressure, and a wide range of chemical applications A Flexible Gasket can make the most difficult jobs, much easier.

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Soot Blower Sealing

Slade Soot Blower Seal sets are designed to reduce operating noise, reduce feed tube wear, and out last standard OEM packing sets.

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Lantern Rings & Custom Bushings

Slade custom designs cost effective bushings to reduce stuffing box depth in both valves and pumps. As well as custom designed lantern rings for virtually any application.

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Installation & Extraction

Make packing installation or extraction, much easier with the proper tools.

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Patented in the US, EU, Canada, Brazil, and Mexico | Sales Territories Available | Industry Approvals
Member of the Fluid Sealing Association (FSA)